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COVID-19 Briefing: Urgent Need for Consumer Relief to Sustain Energy Access


26-39 MILLION people projected to fall into extreme poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa due to COVID-19. Low-income households that derive income from labor intensive, low-skill jobs will be the hardest hit by the crisis. Women-led households will be especially hard-hit, due to high job losses and school closures resulting in more time spent on unpaid work, and no access to school-based nutrition programs. Households with elderly and sick people may be more exposed to illness and unexpected health bills. Due to COVID-19 related impacts, these vulnerable households will have even less disposable income for essential needs such as food, health and energy.

Off-grid solar (OGS) solutions are a critical component of post COVID-19 economic recovery for countries in SSA. Particularly in rural areas, OGS systems increase income, boost education levels, and increase quality of life.

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