SAS Knowledge Hub

This is a repository of resource materials on stand-alone solar (SAS) systems. The Africa Clean Energy Technical Assistance Facility (ACE TAF) has worked with off-grid sector stakeholders to ensure the resources are not duplicative.

SAS Knowledge Hub
ACE TAF is a programme funded by the UK Government Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) between 2018-2022. It aims to catalyse a market based approach for private sector delivery of renewable energy electrification technologies, with a focus on high quality stand-alone solar systems.

Improved access to clean, reliable energy for vulnerable communities across Africa

Stand-Alone Solar Bulletin

The SAS Bulletin purpose is for; sharing information on the activities of the programme, to share knowledge and best practices across the stand-alone solar sector and to become a central repository for stand-alone solar resources.

We request your feedback and comments on the issues and encourage you to contribute to subsequent issues. You can write an article or share relevant knowledge resources from across the stand-alone solar sector. We will prioritise your contribution in subsequent editions and/or communicate it via our Off-Grid Knowledge page on the ACE TAF website. You can also tell us what you would like to see in the newsletters. Please e-mail us at

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