Catalysing Africa’s Solar Markets

ACE TAF is a 4-year programme funded by the UK Government Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). It aims to catalyse a market based approach for private sector delivery of renewable energy electrification technologies, with a focus on high quality stand-alone solar systems.


The programme is designed to follow up on FCDO Energy Africa Compacts with activities tailored to support policy reform and identify gaps, to ensure buy-in and commitments made in the compacts.

ACE TAF aims to complement government, private sector and donor initiatives to overcome many of the barriers preventing the development of markets for high quality stand-alone solar systems. As a result the programme is working to increase access to reliable energy leading to better well-being and livelihood opportunities for poor and vulnerable people in sub Saharan Africa.

We work in 14 countries in Africa sharing knowledge on stand-alone solar systems (SAS).

Funding Partners


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Our Approach

Enabling Environment
Enabling Environment

Improved policies and regulations that enable private sector delivery and increased access to affordable stand-alone solar products.

Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management

Increased knowledge and evidence on the success factors for private delivery of off-grid solar energy across Africa.


Coordinating activities across ACE TAF interventions with other relevant and donor initiatives.

Implementing Partners

Financial advisory firm will advise ACE TAF on mobile money regulations, tax and VAT exemptions, financial structuring and capacity building for financial institutions.

Creating a foundation for quality standards and lab testing methodologies for off-grid solar markets.

Tetra Tech International Development

Pursues clear solutions to international development’s most complex problems working with global partners.


Is a partnership between the World Bank and 18 partners to help low and middle-income countries reduce poverty and boost growth through sustainable energy solutions.

Consortium Partners

To deliver ACE TAF Tetra Tech International Development has brought together a consortium of leading players in the off-grid solar (OGS) and economic development sectors. Tetra Tech is responsible for the programme set-up, leadership and overall management. Tetra Tech takes an inclusive and collaborative approach to managing the consortium, ensuring that we engage partners throughout implementation.

open capital advisors
Open Capital Advisors (OCA)

Financial advisory firm will advise ACE TAF on mobile money regulations, tax and VAT exemptions, financial structuring and capacity building for financial institutions.

solar sister
Solar Sister

A women-led social enterprise working to eradicate poverty by creating women-centered direct sales networks will advise ACE TAF on gender inclusive market development activities.

Solar Sister
world resources institute
World Resources Institute (WRI)

Global research organization and experts in developing actionable research will lead the ACE TAF Knowledge Management work.

Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA)

The leading global solar home systems (SHS) association will facilitate consultation with national industry bodies.

Senior Management Team
Pauline Githugu
Team Leader
Joyce DeMucci
Deputy Team Leader
Staale Brinchmann
Programme Director
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