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Ethiopia Integrated Regional Energy Strategy

Ethiopia’s stand-alone solar sector has seen strong growth in the last decade but given the large ground to cover to meet the NEP 2.0 targets of 9 million off-grid electricity access, a lot remains to be done.The objective of the IRES (Integrated Regional Energy Strategy) Report is to:

  • Estimate the resource needs for the import of SAS products and recommend ways to ease the FOREX constraint for the country to meet its universal electrification targets.
  • Recommend key activities regional plans should focus on and set aside budget.
  • Recommend communication strategy for REBs to create consumers awareness and get stakeholders buy in.
  • Identify key interventions to support Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI).
  • Recommend interventions by REBs to level the playing field for Private Sector Enterprises (PSE), and
  • Recommend a monitoring and evaluation framework that will allow close coordination among stakeholders, regular assessment of progress to further expand good achievements and rectify implementation issues
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