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Customs Handbook for Solar PV Products in Zimbabwe


With the evolution of the off-grid solar (OGS) sector in recent years and the rising volume of solar products into Zimbabwe, there is a need to provide more clarity on the exemption status of commonly imported  products. This comprehensive Customs Handbook aims to help clarify importation processes and reduce areas of misinterpretation by customs officials as well as importers or their clearing agents.

Section 2 of this handbook is a concise overview of fiscal policy in Zimbabwe, with a focus on Statutory Instrument (SI) 147.

Section 3 consists of a thorough importation guide as of January 2021 for solar lantern, solar home systems (SHS), minigrid, and other energy access products that are commonly imported into Zimbabwe. The guide consists of the following information for integrated kits and component parts:

  • Product descriptions
  • HS Codes
  • Illustrations
  • Applicable duty rates
  • Applicable value-added tax (VAT)

Section 4 provides an importation process map as well as step-by-step description of each stage of the importation process. This section also includes information about forms and fees required for importation.

Section 5 provides a brief overview of mitigation procedures in the event of importation challenges before clearance, at the border and after customs clearance.

Section 6 outlines a provision for regularly updating future versions of this Customs Handbook.

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