Lighting Mumbi’s Dream – The Burden of Poor Quality Solar Products

In Africa, the burden of sub-standard quality solar products falls on unsuspecting consumers. They invest their hard earned income into solutions that are meant to improve the quality of life for their families, only to find that the product provides service for a short time.

ACE TAF is working with governments, development partners and the private sector to ensure quality standards are adopted across sub-Saharan Africa, and that countries have the capacity to enforce quality verification processes to safeguard consumers.

ACE TAF is championing the adoption of the recently launched International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards which define the quality and durability specifications as well as requirements for truth in advertising.

This video “Lighting Mumbi’s Dream – The Burden of Poor Quality Solar Products” is a representation of the impact of sub-standard quality products have on consumers and the role each stakeholder can play to improve access to quality and durable solar solutions to the most vulnerable communities.

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